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American Tesol Institute Tefl Course Pattaya


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Message from ThaiVisa Admin:

This is a re-post of post made yesterday by member HaraldH, the original having got stuck in the posting process:


I've been researching TEFL courses in BKK and Pattaya. I've found one that starts late October (which fits my schedule) and runs for 120 hours (in class).

certificatetefl is the website I found it on.

I assume that URL is just an agent selling someone else's product at a commission.

Does anyone have the office details, address or the actual website of the original institution that offers this course? That way I could go there myself or contact them directly.

My google searches just lead me to other agents offering the same deal.

Are there several competitors in Pattaya offering this course (as these agent websites will have you believe) or is it just one institute?

Has anyone here done this course?

The course runs for under 4 weeks while others go for 5 weeks. Does that make it sound like a substandard TEFL course?

Best regards,

Anders Fogt

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There is a course on Soi DayNight 3 with a name something like "Text & Teach." Another smaller course is located in Rungland Village, off South Pattaya Road. If you really want to learn to teach to the best of your ability, the residential course at TEFL International in Ban Pae is your best bet.

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