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Organic Wheat Seeds?

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Hi does anyone know where to buy organic wheat seeds. I want to grow wheat grass at home. Buckwheat seeds would be nice to have too. In Canada they use winter wheat but I am sure any kind of wheat will do.

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I'm not sure what you are going to do with the wheat. If its for flour, bread etc, you need a hard wheat variety - I think. I'm guessing but due to the wet climate I imagine only soft varieties are grown, but dunno really.

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Hard winter wheat needs cool weather to get a good spout on the seed. (40f+_) We use to check/verify spout rate by putting on damp cloth in the refrigerator. It needs some moisture during the growth cycle (6 months+) plant to harvest. It is a dry land crop but must have adequate moisture to bring on growth, boot stage and heading. Prolonged wet weather can be a disaster as can drought. You might get a decent crop in the north where temperatures would work and during the dry months. November may have low enough temp in some areas with June harvest. Never tried it myself but would be interested in any input/results.

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yeah no problem as the health food stores grow wheat grass.

You didn't say where your located.

If you can visit Chiang Mai then both the Health food shops will sell you wheat for germinating.

Also you can buy the trays for growing it and get some tips on how to grow. Lots of howto guides online also.

Also there is a online health food shop in Phuket I think that will sell the wheat and ship anywhere in Thailand.

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