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Renew Thai Childs Passport ?

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Bare with me as it gets complicated ... My wife and daughter are Thai . My wife is now an Irish national ... has citizenship ... processing my daughters citizenship for Ireland ... everything ok then asked for gnib card ... I should of registered her when he was 16 but didnt ... just didnt know so I went to register her with the garda to get her gnib card ... but her thai passport is expired so the garda cant issue a gnib card without a valid passport which is understanable ....

now you dont need a valid Thai passport to get Irish citizenship but because of her age she needs a gnib card for her application .... so really only getting the Thai passport to get the gnib card to get the citizenship ... what do I do ? ..... she cant travel to London cause she has no passport ? ....

We were hoping to go to Thailand in April so even if we get the Thai passport we`ll travel on that one until the citizenship is processed ....

still with me phew ... ultimately ... how do you get a renewed passport after her Thai passport has expired ... she cant travel ...

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I would contact London to see if they can issue document for travel (temp passport type) but if not suspect she would be able to travel to Thailand on the expired passport.

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