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Dual Natnallity.

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Yes, Egiptian and malaysian, dual passport, he needs to go to the UK to renew his certificate of competence as a ships captain, and would like to take his thai wife for the two weeks, Thing is, where do they apply for a visa,? she is of course thai, and going to england, so would it be best to apply in BKK, or Kuala Lumpor? wife works in thailand fulltime,

Many thanks for help with this, Cheers, Lickey..

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I thought you could apply from any country as long as you were legitimate but seems I am wrong.

From the VFS site in KL

If you are a non-Malaysian without any long term visa status in Malaysia you should wait until you return to your home country or the country where you are normally resident in order to make your UK visa application.

If you are a third country national with a long term Malaysian visa you can make your visa application in Malaysia. There may be some delay in processing your visa application as the UK Border Agency may need to refer your documents to your country of origin/normal residence.

Link http://www.vfs-uk-my...applying.aspx#3

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The usual procedure is that one applies in one's country of nationality or one's country of residence if different.

She is Thai.

She has a full time job in Thailand so presumably lives there.

Applying in Thailand seems simplest.

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Which begs the question, what visa does she apply for? i would think visitor would be easy, as niether have relations in UK, any ideas please? thanks, Lickey..

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