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I always use xe to check currency conversions, but today I have been reading on their website that they can get far better transfer rates than the banks offer.

For example a transfer cost with HSBC is 30GBP to start with, then my bank SCB offers the worst exchange rates in Thailand.

So I am thinking about giving them a whirl on a small amount to start with and see how it goes They claim to have 40,000 customers world-wide, are any of them Thai Visa members?, and if so how have you found them?

Thanks in advance


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Yes they are very good and cheap.

They charge $20-30 ish(not GBP) is for Telegraphic Transfer, which is the normal cost for an internal transfer.

Signing up is a bit of a process but once your done, it's very easy. It's also fully legitmate.(with no grey area's).

I send money quarterly. Also their(receivers bank) may put in a 1% fee to accept the transfer but depends on the bank.

It's a lot cheaper than western union or other provider, on bigger sums, maybe 50% cheaper compared to their fee's.



www.rhinofile.com& patandrossi.com

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