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Pattaya Couple Badly Injured By Thoughtless Driver.

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Couple Badly Injured by Thoughtless Driver.


On Friday evening (4th), the Pattaya Police and the Sawang Boriboon Medics were called to investigate an accident in front of the Gor Tor Mor Pub on Pattaya 3rd Road. Near the Central Pattaya and 3rd Road’s Intersection, 2 people had been badly injured, and the traffic was a complete mess.

Deputy Traffic Inspector, Pol. Capt. Natagorn Mongkonmaha, came to the accident immediately, and found a white Toyota pick-up parked in the middle of the road, blocking two lanes, with a dent from a hit on its front bumper.

A black Honda Wave bike was underneath the front bumper of the pick-up and nearby, there was a man and a pregnant woman who were both injured and crying for help. They stated that they were a couple, and the Sawang Boriboon Medics rushed them off to a hospital before more information was given, as they were both in poor shape; the man might have suffered a broken leg as well.

A witness stated that the couple was riding a motorcycle on 3rd Road, coming from North Pattaya and heading to Central Pattaya. The accident occurred when the white pick-up tried to make a quick U-turn, without looking behind the truck, and slammed into the motorcycle, which was too close to the truck to stop.

The driver of the pick up refused to give any information to the reporter, but only to the police. The officers will start legal proceedings to find resolution for this case.

Pattaya People. 2011-02-05

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