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Egypt ruling party leaders resign


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Egypt ruling party leaders resign

2011-02-06 04:40:01 GMT+7 (ICT)

CAIRO (BNO NEWS) -- The top leadership of Egypt's ruling National Democratic party resigned on Saturday, state television reported.

Prominent Egyptian politician Hossam Badrawi was appointed the ruling's party new secretary general after his predecessor Safwat El Sharif and Gamal Mubarak, the head of the party's policies committee and President Mubarak's son, resigned.

Badrawi, a prominent physician and a member of several political institutions in Egypt, is seen as a member of the reformist liberal wing of the party, according to Ahram online.

The new secretary general has also led the education reform initiatives in Egypt  and is considered to be the primary sponsor of education reform throughout the country.

Meanwhile, reports that President Hosni Mubarak had resigned his post as leader of the NDP were later denied by state television, according to Ahram online.

Mubarak said on Thursdy that he would like to leave office now but worries that the country would sink into chaos. The political leader, who's been in power for 30 years, also said last week that he will not run for another term in the next elections but will remain at the helm of the African nation until September when his current term ends.

Egypt plunged into chaos last week when hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets in Cairo and other major cities to demand the resignation of Mubarak. Some of them clashed with security forces, killing at least 150 people and injuring more than 4,000 others.


-- © BNO News All rights reserved 2011-02-06

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