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Adding Additional Top Soil In House Foundation Area

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I have added 50 cms of top soil above road level on my 40Mt x 70Mt piece of land in Sae Kaeo region.

Now I am being told that I should add 1 Mt top soil to area where single level bungalow / villa will be built rather than use 100% concrete.

Reason I say this is because we will have 3 step up from ground to porch and therefore need it raised. Any ideas? How long does one wait for ground settling? I placed 50cms of new soil 2 months ago and in no rush to build until appropriate settlement time given.

FYI, I used 1,400 CBM to raise whole 40x70MT land site 50cms above road level and it cost USD6000.00,

The 2 MT wall all around cost $6000.

The stainless steel fence for the 40MT front (+1 Mt section down right and left side)+ 5 MT sliding gate and 1 Mt side gate will cost me $9000.00.

I am color concrete paving on an angle, for rain run off, from the front of the fence/wall 2.5 MT (The front wall is 40 Mt less gates) with stamping for 75,000 Baht ($2,200.00)

This for your information as information is good to be shared.

Thanks. Roy

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Thanks for the prices Roy.

About raising the soil level, why raise it under the house (is that what you're saying?).

Why not use concrete slabs.....are they dearer? If they are at least you won't have to wait.


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