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Can Get O/W Trip Pattaya To Sianoukville (Minibus Direct)


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hello just 2 quick questions

is there an office offering trip to sianoukville from pattaya ( complet by minibus ) and how much it cost oneway without visa and where can contact in pattaya

how long the trip takes

is there in sianoukville a possibility to rent an apartemnt for a month , just studio good area with kitchen in a secure area and how much they are about

thanks for any advice


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Used to be possible, I did it once, booked through the travel agent at the bottom of Soi Post office near Beach Road. It meant an overnight stop at Koh Kong and arrive next day. Can't remember how much but cheap enough.

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Yes still available widely from just about all Pattaya travel agents but you'd save money doing it yourself. Whatever you do you still have to face the constant tip this and tip that of Ko Kong. They tell you in Pattaya the overpriced ticket covers everything all the way to Sihanoukville but try and tell that to the Cambodians. You'll get charged for the tuk tuk from the hotel in Ko Kong to the bus station next morning for a start when it's supposed to be laid on free. Don't be put off though as once you get the Ko Kong bullshit out of the way Sihanoukville is a great place to spend time and you'll find it cheap as chips compared to Pattaya as regards to drinking,Nightlife etc..

For Apartment your looking at between 100 and 200 dollars for the month. I pay 70 bucks a month for big room with ensuite and I cook outside the room on gas stove. So much choice of places to stay for all tastes and budgets. Just come here and check into a place for a couple of nights then talk to expats in the bars etc. to find something to suit you longer. Good luck

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