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Advise Needed On Cellular Internet


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My wife is not well versed in cellular internet services. Earlier this month facts were misrepresented to her and she signed up for a AIS EDGE plan. Upon sign up she paid 49 baht. For subsequent months she'll have to pay 249 baht. Total internet time given per month is about 100hrs( UM was in minutes).

Turns out despite my protests, she signed up for it and turns out like i predicted it was enough for her monthly usage. Additional charges are at 1 baht per minute. This data plan has a contract period of 6 months.

I'm not in LOS now to see to the problem personally. We also live well out of 3G coverage.


Anyone knows how much I'll have to pay should my wife cancels this 6 month contract now? She's not too helpful calling the AIS service line(Shy).

Can anyone advice on DTAC and AIS unlimited EDGE costs?

I'll like to work out the cost benefits of actually canceling the AIS 100hrs plan and getting an unlimited AIS or DTAC plan immediately.

Thank you very much in advance.

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For DTAC prices here > Happy Internet Packages. So, unlimited monthly is 790.00 Baht/month

Thank you Tywais, will AIS be at the same rate? There's a force preventing me from getting information from AIS website, it's called Pasar Thai. :sorry:

Wife said there's a 650 baht unlimited plan that comes with 200mins of call time. Can anyone please verify?

Thank you

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