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Pond Pump Advice Needed


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Hi folks.

We have a pond in the garden, round(ish) and approximately 9 metres in diameter and 3 metres deep at the centre.

We have been rearing pla nin and pla duk in this as kind of a hobby (and very tasty they are too).

I would now like to add a fountain in the centre of the pond, this ill look nice and also add oxygen.

The thing is, I know nothing about pond pumps, what would be a suitable pump for this kind of use?

I would prefer an above ground pump, I have a small concrete cupboard built on the side of the house with a power outlet. I would also like to have some form of tap so that I can switch from pumping water into the fountain to pumping water to a hose to water the garden. Luckily we have access to multiple water supplies so we keep the pond topped off all year, so I think using the pond water to water the garden would be a good idea.

Aany advice please?

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