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Thai PM Is Confident Cambodia Will Agree To Bilateral Talks

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PM is confident Cambodia will agree to bilateral talks

BANGKOK, 13 February 2011 (NNT) - Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva is confident that Thailand has enough evidence to explain to the United Nation (UN) hoping to pull Cambodia back for bilateral talks.

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva commented about the Thai-Cambodia situation in his weekly program that despite the easing of tension in some areas allowing people to resume their businesses and return home, the situation is still being watched closely. He added that he has assigned related organizations to take care of the people living along the border and there will be officials sent to repair damaged houses in the area.

The Cabinet has agreed that the core issue of the situation comes from the disputed area of Preah Vihear which was followed by the decision of the World Heritage Committee to add Preah Vihear to the world heritage site list; however the management plan is still unfinished for 2 years. Mr. Abhisit said he had met with the Cambodian Prime Minister to discuss on the matter and to make sure the site is free of armed soldiers. However, he said he was unable to do that since the disputed area issue had not yet come to a conclusion due to the MOU in the year 2000, adding that the Joint Boundary Commission (JBC) is another way to end the dispute.

The Prime Minister believes that Cambodia has taken the matter to another level immediately after the clashes by reporting to the United Nations (UN), which has caused the UN to intervene as Cambodia wants. Due to this reason Thailand needs to clarify the truth to the world, particularly the UN, UNESCO and ASEAN. The Foreign Minister will be going to Paris and New York on Monday to clarify to the UN, as well as the Natural Resources and Environment Minister and JBC president. Evidence has been prepared, and showed clearly that Cambodia started firing first from the temple compound.


-- NNT 2011-02-13 footer_n.gif

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Thailand transformed JBC (which was working well in the past) in a huge joke.

Thailand (the senators) refuses to even read the JBC decisions and blocks completely the process.

Thailand killed JBC.

Of course, Thailand wants to continue with JBC because this is the insurance that the border will NEVER be demarcated and this is the Thailand aim.

A demarcated border it's obviously a few lost square meters as Thailand will have to make concessions. Yellow shirts are right, MOU, JBC, etc. it's a few square meters lost. Unless you do like Abisith : you tell that you negotiate but you lie and you block the process.

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