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Some Things From The Garden.

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Mr Ford wanted to see some of my seed grown Hass avocado flowers.

Here's a collage of what's flowering right now with a parsley patch thrown in.

From the left :

Rambutan, waiting to open.

Sweet Star Fruit

Ponderosa Lemons

Hass Avocado



Som keaw wan

Pretty flower.




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Old Soi Doggy Dog has got it going on. I stopped by the other day and received some of his great hospitality (and a lot of his great food). What a cornocopia of gardening. He had about a thousand tomatoes started and trees and fruits and flowers and herbs from across the globe quite a botanical garden wonder. the highlight had to be the conversation my sis-in-law had with his daughter (about 11 years old). I saw them sitting in the shade of a small arbor near a herb planting area after dinner and they were in a deep discussion. Later I found out that she told Wari that her mom and dad grew the best food that could be grown (and she has that about right) and that she doesn't even really need to go to school anymore because she already knows what she wants to be and that is a very great chef. Obviously she has the will and talent that her folks have as they both are fantastic cooks and it is just great to see what a healthy and good lifestyle can do to influence the youth of our time these days. She made this decision now based entirely on what she has seen her mom and pop create and I don't think there is any outside influence to force her to want to follow this path. She sees a fantastic lifestyle and wants to continue it in a way that she feels will satisfy her,. Quite amazing and a real "good in the heart and soul" kind of story in the world today. Keep on keeping on doggy dog and a bunch of choke dee. Anybody ever see a Baobab tree growing in Issan before, well now I have! Fords Forever

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