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Organic Terms In Thai

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need some language help here: i need to help out a cousin of hubby's, who is working down south from here. the employer is having language problems since the guy is refusing to work with 'spray'... the employer is a certified organic agricultural grower and a nice guy (it turns out i know him from when he worked with organics with my ex husband) and he really likes my (present,thai)hubby's cousin as a worker. he gives all the proper equipment if needed. A. got a runny nose after using some spray, but since the flue is going around, could be that also...

the employer enlisted me to help explain to A. about organic materials, health hazards, etc. if anyone is around on saturday 5 of march, jeruslame time (probably u will be asleep but u never know), i might post some questions, or if anyone can give me some sites in thai about organic chemicals (use of hormones, sprays, etc that are certified for organic agric.)with a short explanation in english i would really appreciate it. hubby is no help here.

actually i think the main problem is that A jsut doesnt want to be down south and work there, he wants to be up here near us... so this is the thai way of finding a reason to want out... but i will do the favour, and leave the rest up to the two guys to work out.

basic sites needed, or sites that have definitions, and no, the thaidict. sites are not what i want. i need actual info with explanations about organic farming (veggies).

thanx, bina


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I would really find this useful as well. I work with environmental engineering and also plan on having an organic garden here soon. There is so much I don't know how to communicate even the most generic organic terms.

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