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Pattaya Satellite And Security Installation Business For Sale

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This Pattaya company installs Satellite TV, SMA TV, CCTV and Security Systems. Although early results have been very promising, the owner has decided to move on as he has other projects that are taking up too much of his time, and because his wife is expecting a baby. The company was established almost a year ago, and is set to earn net profits of roughly 1,030,000 baht by year end, with receipts that are estimated to total 2,160,500 baht. Expenses have been kept to a minimum; rent is just 5,000 baht per month for an 88 square metre five storey shop and salaries total 32,700 baht for six employees. Utility bills, an internet connection and phone costs normally total another 4,500 baht per month. Assets valued at 370,000 baht will be included in the sale, along with an inventory of stock worth in the region of 30,000 baht.

ASKING PRICE:: 1,300,000 baht.



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