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Truth In Advertising


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Beware these weak, shoddy and hazardous items which have been featured (late last year) in 'the other newspaper', and on some websites.

An elderly, retired, Swede in Buri Ram claims he is selling these to raise money for a children's road safety campaign. They are claimed to be made of wood and continuously adjustable in height as the child grows. Very stupidly, I ordered 5, one for our boy and 4 to offer as 'test gifts' to poor schools.

Initially priced at 900b each, this grew to 1,000b each on ordering. Then 2,700b was demanded for delivering them (some 300kms) by post. Still stupid, I paid - but did notice I was paying into the man's personal account. Not a Foundation or a company.

The post office delivered them promptly and safely, but they were a mess and bore no resemblance to their description or the photos on websites.

They are actually made of chipboard, badly nailed together by small, sharp, protruding nails. There is no adjustment whatever and much of the thin veneer had already cracked and was falling off, showing bald patches of chipboard.

I took many photos and complained, using rather angry yet polite language. The Swede replied extremely rudely, boasting that soon the items would be sold through IKEA, Bangkok, and ordering me not to contact him again.

Last week I did so, with an attachment of my police report on his fraud; soliciting money into his own account while running neither a Foundation nor a company, and thus operating without the correct visa or a work permit.

A full refund arrived in my bank 5 days later. With a demand for an acknowledgement and, you guessed, no apology.

This man is a disgrace to European expats and must be avoided at all costs.

All we have after this painful experience is the start of a jolly good bonfire on the 5th of November.

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Send a letter to his local Immigration office.

Very tempting indeed! Trouble is, I can hardly find Buri Ram on a map, let alone which would be his nearest Immigration office. One thing I didn't say is that he is very clever in NEVER giving out a postal address on any of his promo. Not even a box number!

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