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Where To Buy Sdxc Cards In Bangkok


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I was in Pantip plaza the other day and the best result I could find was 32GB for 3000B, which should really be about half that price. Check ebay. That price was from a camera shop. All the memory card shops didnt have anything larger than 16GB...

I'm buying a camera that supports SDXC, I have a MBP that supports SDXC, so I want as large a capacity as I can get. Looking at realistic ebay prices I should be able to find:

A$ 50 ~ 1500B 32GB SDHC

A$140 ~ 4385B 64GB SDXC

A$350 ~ 11000B 128GB SDXC

i know ebay isn't the best thing to compare against, but, the camera and lenses I'm looking at are VERY comparable and often cheaper than what I can get on ebay, but apparently not the memory cards

Does anyone know where I can find them reasonably priced? The problem buying them on the internet is the reliability of the thai postal system and the time for it to get here. Can someone recommend somewhere else other than Pantip Plaza? I'm in the Sukhumvit area, but prepared to travel (reasonably)



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I remember seeing a 128 card in Fortune IT complex a few months ago, however, IIRC, it was hellishly expensive. 18000B ???

Anyway, a few shops in there had a fair few of the larger flash cards for sale.

Edit: After 5 seconds of research - Price = Speed. biggrin.gif

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I went there yesterday and the plaza/mall generally is 10%++ more expensive than Pantip Plaza in town, but more shops at least had the 32GB SDHC (but no SDXC) cards. But they were outrageously priced. Although i did ask in one shop and he come ack with 128B *for a 32GB SD card - I couldn't take that much advantage of him (and it would have been picked up at the checkout as well. There were two, one was a class 10 card and I got a final price of 1400B, 40% of the price of the nearest competitor in the same shopping centre, but a price that is reasonable to the likes of amazon or ebay. So I got it. Comparatively, there were shops trying to sell the same card for 6000B!!! >:(

I also wanted to buy a new camera and lens. At Pantip most shops were selling body only 27000B, I did budge one shop to 26000B, but fortune IT, not one shops would do the body for under 31000B!!!

Again, thanks for the info at least I gott he card I wanted reasonably priced, but I think Pantip is a better choice - and the girls can go next door to Platinum - you won't hear from them for hours!!!!

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