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Swimming Pool Supplies In Ubon Or Sisaket Provinces


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My new salt water chlorinated pool is now being enjoyed near Kantaralak (Si Saket province). Does anyone out there know if there is a pool chemical/tester supplier any closer to this south east corner of Issaan than PW Pool in Khon Kaen? I have searched Thai Visa and Google extensively in vain.

If I do not find a supplier I may be driving the SUV up to Khon Kaen from time to time, so anyone with a pool in this area might be interested in sharing transport costs. Prices in KK seem reasonable compared with other prices I have noted in the BKK/Patatya area.

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Another option for pool supplies at a very fair price, often with free delivery to a rural home, far from a "big city" is to bring a list of the exact chemical compounds you need to the independent shops that supply Thai village water treatment systems. Every town of any size in Thailand has a "pump shop" which designs, supplies and maintains local water supplies and many of the same chemicals are used in swimming pools. They will not know PH plus, they will know by the chemical name. Some of the larger "non mall" building materials stores such as Do Home also sell pool chemicals, but by the chemical compound name. The difference in price for the exact same pool chemicals is significant between many pool builders and a busy Thai pump shop.

It will NOT be the first time that Thai shop owner has ordered pool supplies for a customer.

Salt from a Highway 2 roadside shop in the exact same bag, from the same Phi Mai salt company, same grade, exactly the same, is 1/8th the price a famous pool company charges.

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I'm simply stupefied that many don't how to conduct simple searches.

Extensively in vain, huh?


Over and above that, try:

swimming pool supplies Thailand

swimmingpool supplies Khon Kaen Thailand

The wealth is endless.

I tried all that and still came up with nothing in Ubon or Sisaket. Why quote a Khon Kaen search at me when I specifically said .... oh I can't be bothered - I'm stupified at the crass rudeness of some TV members

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I bought a vacuum head (for cleaning) when I was in Bkk (Suk. soi 51) last time. :)

I need more chlorine tablets soon, and for that I plan a trip to Patters, where I also can visit some friends.. :rolleyes:

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Opposite Big C in Ubon on the main road (chayungkun) is a pool shop.

Yes you are right MeMock, it's a French design/construction company, with fiber glass pools and integrated cleaning system.

I have meant to check them out, but so far have not... :D

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Thanks Memock. I'll check out their prices and there's a couple of things I need urgently, so that is useful. In the longer term, like kamlabob advised, I'll be looking for cheaper local generic sources of salt at least. Meanwhile I've ordered some testing gear mail order from PWPool in Khon Kaen - the owner's husband is a Brit (I guess) and is very helpful. Their stuff seems to be half the price of a well-known Bangkok falang outfit.

Ultimately I'll post findings for posterity.

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Last week I visited for my first time a large NON MALL store called Global House in Khon Kaen which had a very large selection of pool pumps, filters, and other pool parts. I was not looking for pool chemicals, but if you are located near a branch of this sensible chain of building materials stores it is worth comparing what prices they have for swimming pool items, possibly pool chemicals. The web site is fair, but simple to find a location.

http://www.globalhouse.co.th/store_location.aspx When this chain opens a location in Korat it will give the other existing stores reason to step up their "game".

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