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Hi, believed many have been to this place either in Khao San, Suk soi 5 or even Pattaya.

Like to know if anyone knows who owns them? Heard that its a lady.

Reason been i am interested to know if its origins are from US or UK. Can't exactly tell from the food they serve but they call themselves a sports bar which has American origins and then again they show EPL games which is as British as you can get. So thought that by tracking down the owners maybe i can get an answer, googled and found that there is a similar Gulliver's Tavern Inc which is HQed in Rhode island in US

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I don't understand what is particularly British about the EPL. Its shown in pretty much every native pub from Calais to Canterbury, in either direction.

I would be interested to know how much soccer contributes to the British balance of trade...


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EPL = English Premier League

I am quite sure not many Yankees is interested in soccer though they did host the world cup almost 20 years ago.

sorry, just us brits never really refer it to EPL, and its called FOOTBALL :ph34r:

actually, i think more people in Asia watch The English Premier league then in the UK, IE chang as sponsers ect ( you cant buy chang in a pub back in the UK.....

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