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Nichada Thani


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Anyone live out in Nichada Thani? What's it like? In terms of grocery shopping, personal needs, eating out. Quiet and peaceful..or dreadfully isolated? How long does it take you to get to MBK-National Stadium-Siam area? Can you get to the BTS line without hassle? What mode of transport would you recommend? When time should you avoid trying to get into the heart of BKK?

Thanks for your time.

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There is a small Tescos just around the corner. As you drive into the Road from Sammakhi there is a 7/11. The main road Sammakhi is being worked on and is bumpy as hell in one direction. Central Chaengwattana is not that far away and has plenty of places to eat. Along Sammakhi there are places in you head towards Dhuraki Bundit Unversity.

There are no BTS links there and will not be in the future. You can catch a Songtaew to the market at Prachaniwet 3, then the cream coloured Songtaew takes you to Ngamwongwan where you can get a bus to Victory or Mochit, or the other alternative is to head towards Chaengwattana and then take a bus 166 to Victory via the expressway or a minivan, the third alternative would be to head towards Tiwanon then take the bus 33 to Mochit or Victory Monument.

I live further down the road near Ngamwongwan, but others on here live closer, and might have their own ways of getting to places.

Avoid around 7am in the morning it is normally chockablock, weekends are chocka too, heading towards the University and Prachaniwet 3.

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