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Thanks Ecs Value Systems


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Hi all,

After many years sterling service, my Brother laser printer was starting to produce ever poorer quality copies. When the stink of dead animal began to issue from the printer's fan housing, I decided it was time for a service. (I always tell the family to replace the cover carefully after use, but nobody listens to me!)

The Brother website listed 4 CM service agents and the nearest to us is called ECS 'The Value Systems' Co, so took the thing in there (on the superhighway, near Khuang Singh junction) yesterday morning. They told us the initial service charge would be 642 baht and they'd give an estimate if further work was necessary. Picked up the printer again today, minus a dead jingjok and assorted ants, and with a few spotless test copies to show that the drum had been cleaned.

Testing the machine again at home again though, it seemed that there was still a problem with poor print quality, so we phoned them up, followed their advice to reinstall the printer driver, and then took the machine back to their shop. A few more tests while we waited showed that my USB printer lead must be damaged, so they tried a new one. Problem solved. No extra charge and they gave me a new USB lead too.

No connection with the company, but a very satisfied customer.


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My goodness, another good news story from CM. what's happening to Thai Visa?

Thanks for the tip, I've got a Brother printer, if i need it serviced i know where to go

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