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Where To Buy A Volkswagen Bus Bar?


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most are custom made, if not all

the basic shell you can buy for around 230K - http://www.one2car.c...20CAR/E09110097 one for sale here

i would guess to kit it out would be around 100-150 K , maybe a bit less or more

but safer then owning an actual bar, as you can just drive away :whistling:

It is worth to go to the Ratchada Pisek / Lard Prao Saturday night market for once. There are two spaces, the one on the solid smaller parking ground and next to it, a bigger one on sand / soil where a lot of vintage cars are displayed and some of them are for sale. There are always about 10-15 vintage VW busses, and some for sale.

Good luck.

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This one will set you back 100,000 Euros.



Saw a few of these in Bali? Anyone know what the model is called?



EDIT- Found it.



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