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Dustoff (Ken Chapman) Has Passed Away


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Ken Chapman (Dustoff here on ThaiVisa), died Friday night, after a struggle with lung cancer.

A noted local outdoorsman, sportsman, and enthusiastic participant in the Chiang Mai Forum ... he will be missed.

At this time his family is not ready to release details of any memorial service, and prefer privacy, until they have made their final decision.

sadly, Bill

p.s. I thought I had posted this on the 'Page of Remembrance,' and would appreciate moderators moving this post there.

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I didn't know him personally, but he was very helpful to me via a couple of pm's.

He was the very first person I had an argument with on TV......he sort of set me on the road. We resolved it and were TV friends afterwards.

I know he has been struggling lately and now the struggling is over.

Rest In Peace Ken.

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Very sad to hear. :( Incredibly positive guy, I'm happy he made the decision to come live in Chiang Mai and really enjoy what turned out to be his final years.

I liked his weather skills. Not just predicting the weather, influencing it. Picked up that quirk (or skill, I suppose) flying helicopters in Vietnam. If you needed to have it not rain during your BBQ or some other event then he'd do that for you, that's the sort of guy he was. :wai:

Moving on may be a new challenge; when speaking of weather gods from now on, Ken may well have joined their ranks.

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I knew Ken (Dustoff) only a little.We have had many chats about his experiences in Vietnam.His "handle" Dustoff comes from his call sign when he flew H23s in Vietnam.He was a good friend of the author Bob Mason who wrote an amazing book called Chickenhawk.If you are interested in the Vietnam war it is a book you cannot put down.Ken's experiences were almost the same as Bob Masons . I always said to Ken he should share memoirs with everybody,but he was too modest.I am so sorry we have lost a truely decent man.

RIP Dustoff.

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Great friend and neighbour, so many interesting conversations for years.

The Wizard indeed. Last week he emailed me the second I sent one to him, and phoned me the moment I reached his lift after an hour walking around Chiang Mai. Despite everything he was thinking positively throughout, and I will certainly miss him.

His wife said this evening she is happy for friends to pay their respects Sunday and Monday. PM or email me for details.

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Ken was one of Chiang Mai's finer expats.

Not a single negative post about him. What a wonderful way to be remembered.

Seems to me that one of the ways to honour him would be to try and be a "good CM expat".

I agree, and I know he would be honored to know he touched, and inspired so many.

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Ken was shot down 7 times in the Vietnam War, he used to fly medivac helicoptors.

He was a rebel, who did his own thing , he was sent on missions that his superiors never expected him to return from, but one way or another he always did.

"The cat came back" (like the song)was what his comrades used to say. he never watched violent films after being in Vietnam, suppose the memories for him were to horific to be reminded of .

He ALWAYS had a smile on his face and that always attracted smiles back.

He loved big bikes, he loved people, but also cherished his privacy. He will be missed on this forum.

I spent many many hours in his company, and although we kind of drifted apart over the last couple of years I will never forget the good times we shared.

RIP Ken.

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I met Ken Chapman in April 1992 at a combat veterans group meeting in Maui, Hawaii.

Ken had been a Warrant Officer Pilot in 1965/1966 in the U.S.Army flying medivac helicopters. He was very proud of the fact that he never allowed 'guns' (mounted machine guns) on his bird saying he "went to war to save lives, not take them". He was awarded the 'Distinguished Flying Cross' by his government for one of his deeds going into a very hot LZ to bring out wounded.

We were members of the Vietnam Veterans of Maui County and the Street Bikers United organizations on Maui.

Twice we road motorcycles from L.A. to 'The Wall' in Washington D.C. with our group from Maui for Memorial Day.

The summer of 2001 after 15 years on Maui both Ken and I left; he came to Thailand, I went to mainland U.S. 18 months later I came to Chiang Mai to visit him and his new wife Tuy. 17 days later he introduced me to a lady who became my wife.

Ken was the ultimate raconteur, always happy when telling a good story and always a gentleman.

Sawatdee Ken Chapman................Namaste' Swami Barti


Jolly Roger

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