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Cbr250 Vs Ninja 650 Small To Middle


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So, I picked up the candy burnt orange Ninja on Thursday, not much time to ride it then, but weekend came and a few km's were in order. Here are my thoughts after a few days...

In town the CBR outperforms the Ninja in every way, faster, more nimble, easier to park and way cheaper to run, the cbr is plain and simple brilliant...


Once you get out of traffic and start riding on the Ninja it shows that a big bike can be way more fun. The smile on my face over the last few days has been noticed amongs everyone that I know, the old snowflake is back (can never sit still for a long time in one place)!

the ninja is the better bike, for me that is, but if the top speed is not important, I am not sure it would win this competition as the CBR is a very capable machine.

Riding at 140kmph the CBR is more comfortable than the Ninja (not that the ninja can ever stop at 140 :-)

Over time I might love the Ninja the most, but still after a few days, that LITTLE cbr has a special place in my heart (might have something to do with the way it went away (died)...

Going from a small bike to a bigger bike is always fun, and more wants more, never less... More speed, more power, more sound, more looks, more drool... That ninja is sexy or so do I think, and about 2000 of my students which are all over it all day long in school!

What are your thoughts of going from a smaller bike to a big bike??

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Well more cc is not always best, bigger bike less nimble in the city, more expensive to run.

I use to have a HD touring model, loved it to bits, two up touring at 120-140 for 8 hours pr day was a pleasure. Then my boy was born, a car was bought :( . After his was born out on the HD twice a week alone going around Pattaya area, but honestly the HD (touring model) is <deleted> for that, its way too big you are stuck all the time, anybody on a Wave will move faster though traffic than me. I sold it app. 5 month ago (I still miss it, he-he)

The HD costed me + 20K bath pr year for a 1st class insurance, fuel economy 10-12 km/l + lots of time just to keep all the chrome clean.

If I buy a big bike again, it will be the Kawa W800 (only if Kawa start selling it here, so you can have one for app. 400k bath) or a HD 1200 Sportster.

So if you want a big bike, first think hard about it, do you really need one?

For the time being I am stuck on my wife's Fino, and its a blast in Pattaya City. Man its fun to drive here and very practical too, I can stick a 15 kg rice bag on the floor board without any problems.

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I recently moved up from the Ninja 250 to the Versys and I fully understand what you mean about smiling from ear to ear.

I loved the little Ninja and still think it was a way better looking bike, it was easier in town as well but that's where it ends. The Versys is a pure pleasure to ride. Once I'm out of the city and up in the mountains it just eats up the KM's with ease. No sore back side after 300+ KM either.

Bigger is better in this instance as far as I'm concerned.

I still also have my little fino to pop in and out of town or to the shops on though. thumbsup.gif

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Same for me i just moved from the CBR250 to the ER6N and yes i am smiling much more since then biggrin.gif as said already for the town a smaller bike is easier but for that i kept my old naked CBR50. The ER6N just feels more like a motorbike and longer trips can be more enjoyable, now i am just waiting for better weather to fulfill my need for speed jap.gif

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While old, the Boss 175 does it nicely for me, it's got the grunt for passing and my nose bleeds if I go faster than 120k/p/h, it's giving me around 30km a litre so it's got the legs for longer trips and extended forks making riding just fine. Medium bikes are just fine, for me! :rolleyes:

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