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Minivan Taxi Vandalized in Temple Car Park


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Minivan Taxi damaged in South Pattaya Temple car park

PATTAYA: -- A licensed minivan taxi was damaged while it was parked in a South Pattaya Temple car park on Monday. Police were called to the Chaimongkol Temple car park, located on the South Pattaya Road and met with the driver of the minivan, Khun Pisanoo aged 34, who runs regular return trips from Pattaya to the Victory Monument in Bangkok. He explained that he had attempted to collect passengers at an undisclosed location in South Pattaya and ended-up in a verbal altercation with between 6 and 7 men, who he suspects run unlicensed taxi trips to Bangkok. They appeared angry he had chosen this location to collect customers, even though he was flagged-down. For this reason, he decided to not accept the passengers and drove off to the Temple where he parked for a few moments while he used a toilet. When he returned he found the rear window on the passenger side had been broken

Full story and pictures HERE


-- Pattaya One 2011-09-06


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