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Makro'S Loyalty Scheme


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My latest receipt from Makro has the following printed at the bottom:

Loyalty Promotion 210.75

FF 160.75

NF 50.00

Can anybody explain to me what that means? When I applied for the Makro card, the lady at reception tried to explain the scheme to me, but her English wasn't very good and I wasn't that interested.

(P.S. I know this is more of a General Thailand topic, but I am talking specifically about Makro in Pattaya, so I'll try posting it in this forum to start with.)

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What are the alcohol prices like in Makro, wines mainly, any cheaper than everywhere else?


You'd have to compare prices. Some things are cheaper, some are not. I buy San Mig Light in cans there, as it's 100 Baht/case cheaper than the bottles and not many places sell the cans in bulk. About 2 months ago they had a sale on Spanish wines. I tried a Cab Sauv at 275 Baht a bottle and thought it was excellent. I bought a bottle for a mate who drinks more wine than I do and he also found it very quaffable. Then a few weeks later the price came down to 199 Baht, so we stocked up with a lot of bottles. This stuff is as good as Jacob's Creek at less than half the price. I think the offer's finished now, but it shows that you can get some bargains, though certainly not on everything.

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