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Moving From Pattaya To Canada

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Moving back to Canada from Pattaya approx. Oct 15/2011 and have 2 plastic bins of personal

belongings, housewares, souvenirs, etc. that I would like to send back too. When they arrive

in Vancouver is not a high priority as long as I will receive them eventually. The bin sizes are

as follows:

Length 25" - 63 cm.

Width 17" - 43 cm

Height 13" - 34 cm

Is sending these type of containers wrapped with a couple of miles of duct tape a secure way of

shipping or is there a better way?

should I use another type of container for this or combine the two bins and ship one larger one?

Could anyone recommend a logistics/shipping company that could pick the containers up at my

condo here in Pattaya and take care of all the paperwork, etc.?

Lastly, are there any "do's & dont's" I should be aware of in doing this?

Thanks for all your help


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The most inexpensive way of shipping them would be through the post office. Sending them by parcel post (ocean freight) usually takes about two months. Another way of doing it is by checking with the airline that you are flying with if you can pay for extra baggage, and some airlines will allow you to take up to ten suitcases with you at a charge of about $200 per suitcase, but the suitcases must be within the weight allowance for standard luggage.

If you go through sending them with a broker though a shipping company you will be charged all kinds of handling fees, which for a small amount of belongings might not be cost worthy.

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