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Sonax Chainlube - Kettenspray


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None of the Homepro in BKK I've been in over the past 3 years stock it. The only place I've seen it is when Big C Extra took over from Carre Four and they had a case of it upon opening. I bought one, then two weeks later there was only 3 bottles left so bought another two. Since then they haven't restocked, and doesn't look like they will.

Where in BKK can you definitely buy it?


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I fully understand the likeliness of having an email answered by a Thai company. :)

They did send back a reply already though, in Thai.

Saying that they have a temporary disruption to their Big C Extra stores, but I should be able to find it at their Central and Mall branches.

Anyone know which Central/Mall branches have a Big C Extra (formally Carre Four) in them, without me having to check it out on the net?

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Central Rama 3 has 200ml cans of some Japanese brand for around 500 baht and Fast corner had a bigger can of really good stuff that i got for 650 baht. Cant remember the brand name though but it is the low fling formula and sticks to the chain like glue. no issues at all with the stuff coming off and ending up on the tire/paint etc.

i gave up looking for the sonax chain oil and went with what was readily available.

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