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Late 90 Day Report

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Hi all,

I have seen a few mixed answers here and would appreciate a clarification!

I just noticed today that my 90 day report if address is due today (I thought it was Thursday for some reason!), just as I was leaving on a plane for Hong Kong!

Is it still the case that I can report my address up to 7 days after the due date, and is it ok to send an agent to do it (even though it is after the actual reporting date).

I have also left the country several times in the last 90 days (and re entered with my multiple re entry permit), by some reports it seems I no longer have to report, unless I stay in Thailand for a full 90 days?

Your advice is very welcome.


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You don't need to do a 90-day if you are leaving within the period. When you return tonThailand, the count starts again from 1.

I have not done a 90-day for three years, as I am out of the country at least once a month.

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You must report every 90 CONSECUTIVE days that you are in Thailand. If you leave the country before 90 consecutive days, you do not have to report. When you re-enter Thailand, you start counting from 1 again. :)

There shouldn't be any mixed answers. This is how it has worked for years (10 for me).

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