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Yangon What To Do, Where To Party?


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Myanmar currently isn't a party place - it's a wonderful relief compared to some parts of the main cities in Thailand! Bars are either in the major hotels (Traders etc.) or there's little beer stalls dotted around the place that you'll find one night and lose the next.

The locals aren't party types. Meditation for many is the national hobby.

Handicrafts = Scott Market.

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Shwedagon temple is the main touristy temple and is visible from most of the city. I would recommend getting a day ticket and popping in during the daytime and again at sunset. Lovely place to visit.

I wouldn't go to Myanmar to party, save that for Thailand.

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I haven't been for a few years but from what I hear 50th Street bar on 50th street is still a popular bar for expats, NGO types and others. The road is now resurfaced and no longer resembles the 'farm track' it used to be.

Also The Strand Hotel (near the river) used to have a Friday night happy hour which used to attract a small crowd of expats etc.

The Mandalay beer stations I believe are a thing of the past, but lots of local restaurants/bars selling beer. Also there may be some Myanmar beer gardens (Myanmar beer is great) still dotted around Yangon, although my favourite ones seem to have been re-developed already.

Also check out the Pioneer Club, although I haven't been to the new location down the road from the Summit hotel.

If you are in the 10-18 age group, there is a great day-time disco situated next to the old parade ground in the main park. 5 USD to enter the park for foreigners. Closest entrance is at the observatory and walk to the fountain at the parade ground. 2 years ago the neraby cafe had converted one room into a dark disco daytime 'nightclub'. Mainly kids there but full range of alcoholic drinks and beer available. Closes about 6.00 pm when the park closes. I wonder if it is still operating?

Finally there is a another nightclub near the Yangon zoo entrance. Not easy to find but popular at weekends.

If you enjoy long walks, Yangon is agreat place to explore by foot. But becarefull at night because many roads are unlit and there are many pot-holes out there.

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