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Route From Cm To Bangkok Flooded?


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Am planning to drive down to BKK tomorrow using HW 11 to Lampang, then HW 1 thru Thoen, Tak, Kamphaeng Phet, Nakhon Sawan to BKK.

Called Highway Police (at 1193) today and they advised (in Thai) that the route is not passable today due to floods at Thoen. My Thai is limited and if I understood him correctly, he said its passable only to large vehicles. I'm going there by passenger car.

Does anyone know what's the flood situation on this route and/or can provide more info?

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I guess it is a bit late for you but I drove the same route to Bangkok today. There is water flowing across the road just north of Thoen and the police were not allowing sedan cars to go through. It was not really too bad - the depth was probably only 30-40cm but flowing quickly. The level of the Wang River has dropped quite a lot in the last day so it might be OK again soon. The police at the checkpoints had no information about the alternative route through Denchai.

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