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Myanmar Departure Forms Could Be On The Way Out

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Very interesting article - hope this happens.

NOTE - this info applies to long term expats and visitors who have stayed in the country more than 30 days at a time - we have to pay for these D-forms.

This does not affect anyone entering on a 28 day tourist visa - please be clear!

(Expats in Myanmar will understand this article)

Myanmar signals end of departure forms

By Yu Yu Maw | Friday, 08 March 2013 Myanmar Times

Departure forms for people leaving the country could be on the way out.

The Ministry of Immigration and Population is preparing to cancel the so-called D-form, said an immigration department source at Yangon International Airport on March 6.

“The minister is raising this proposal in the hluttaw. As yet we have no clear decision or instruction to cancel the departure form,” the source said.

Outward bound traveller U Nyi Myint said: “This is very good news. You can’t leave the country unless you present a departure form at the immigration desk at the airport. I think this is an unnecessary step.”

“Applying for a D-form every time you leave the country is a waste of time.”

Anyone wishing to leave the country has to deposit K200 with Myanmar Economic Bank for a D-form, and fill up the form on the official website with bank code number. An approval letter takes a week to 10 days depending on the connection, said Daw Hla Dar Li Khin of Tour De Travel company.

Internet cafés can also provide the form, for K1000 to K2000.

Full article here: http://www.mmtimes.com/index.php/lifestyle/travel/4531-myanmar-signals-end-of-departure-forms.html

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