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K-BizNet Kasikorn

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I have opened up a company bank account with Kasikorn and now have access to their K-BizNet online system.

But I was a bit surprised to find it actually appears to have less features than one would expect with even a personal online banking system.

I'd like to know if anyone else is using K-BizNet and I'm just missing something, or are there any other banks with better online business banking systems.

The account needs to be used to transfer amounts to various other accounts (inter-bank), but the trouble with K-BizNet is:

1) You have to login to 2 different accounts, firstly an admin account to add the payee, and secondly a signatory account to actually make the transfer

2) The page for adding payee accounts appears to be broken (I find corroboration for this here: http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/596365-kasikorn-bank-grrrrr/?p=6559378)

3) They charge 120THB per transfer + 100THB to the payee (normally in my experience inter-bank transfers should cost 25THB for up to 25K and 35THB for up to 50K)...220THB is a total rip off

4) Even the "Urgent" transfers are not instant and can take up to 24hours (normally in my experience with personal banking you can make instant inter-bank transfers at the above mentioned fees)

5) Their transfer system is only available during business hours (again in my experience normally online transfers are available 24/7)

Am I just missing something, or can someone please recommend a more advanced business banking system.

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I have no experience with a business online account, but I have used Bangkok Bank since about 25 years now, since about 10 years now with their Bualuang ibanking system and I use it for all my dealings and I'm very happy with them. My wife and I have 4 accounts with BBL, all are interconnected with Bualuang ibanking. I regularly make inbound international transfers and my money is always here within maximum 18 hours after I transfer from Switzerland. Any transfers within Thailand are executed and credited to the receiver within seconds. You can have an SMS and an email sent free of charge by BBL to your customers so they are informed on the go of your transfer. The only objection I have: I cannot have more than 40 customers to transfer to, which I find strange, I will have to contact them once to find out why. I can transfer anytime of the day or at night and transfer limits are much higher than SCB or Kasikorn. Also, I must credit BBL for the fact that they extended me a house loan for our first house back over 20 years ago in Bangkok. Believe me, a house loan is not easy to obtain at all for any foreigner in Thailand nowadays!

I also have SCB online and I use that account with customers who use SCB. I just opened also a Kasikorn online account, but so far I have no experience, since I haven't used their online banking yet. IMHO you better use just a normal bank account with your Kasikorn with their online system for private customers (like I have) and you won't be ripped off.

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