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Pattaya Casino Bus to Poi Pet?


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Hey does anyone know if there's still the bus sponsored by the casinos in Poi Pet for a day trip.

I read they used to do a trip there and back in a day.

Locations, times, and cost please

I've searched already and found info that's 2 plus years old.

Thanks in advance.

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That would be a good idea, but I was just on the casino strip for 4 nights and saw only one white face in the casinos. You can get a public bus to Pattaya from the border but I don't know where you get one from here. I took a bus from the border to Bangkok, 5 hours 230 baht, big bus with toilet. No TV or karaoke. I stayed at the Grand Diamond, 1000 baht and 500 back in promo chips. I had a great time except for the smoking inside. THe Diamond has a nice restaurant, Chillax, and next month Star Vegas is supposed to have their swimming pool finished. I'm definitely going back.


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u spent 4 nights in a casino gambling??

pray tell , did you come out ahead?

Thats more than i have spent in 30 years here :-)

It's my entertainment. If you gamble to win money, forget it. I was not in casino every night all night. It's a pleasant place to stop on the way back to Thailand. I had fun with teh Thais and teh dealers.

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what else did u do in Poi Pet>

when i drove thru from SR last time i drove around a half hour or so before I left and it looked like a dump

YEs POipet is a dump. I stayed in the casino strip.

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