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Yoga and meditation in Siem Reap


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Here is a non-exhaustive list of places offering Yoga and meditation classes in Siem Reap

- Angkor Zen Gardens retreat center (yoga, meditation -free- and Tai Chi classes)

- Angkor Bodhi Tree retreat center (yoga, meditation, healing therapies)

- Peace café (yoga)

- Hariharalaya retreat center (yoga, meditation, various activities)

- Navutu dream hotel (yoga)

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You must be enjoying your time in the old Siamese border town...LOL

Few remember that during the French and Annamese incursions against Cambodia's Cochin provinces, Siam welcomed refugees into the lightly settled areas of South Eastern Siam.

Soon the populations of Talay, Sap, Prah TahBong (Battambang), Kam Puut (Kampot), Sat Roong Throng (Strung Treng), et.al, became more Cambodian than Siamese.

After the Plague destroyed the Khmer, SIam rebuilt the country and again sent help after the destruction of the Khmer Rouge

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