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ex- Cat Guesthouse - Koh Kong


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Hi all,

Are there any expats out there who have the current contact details for either one or for both of the couple that had this guesthouse in Koh Kong? They took the place over from a Kiwi in 2006 when it was called KKK. It was opposite the ferry boat pier. They ran it for a couple of years..

The girl was a Thai and her nickname was Cat. The guy was an Englishman named John who had some connection with Australia. I heard that they went to live in Pattaya and then perhaps Australia.

I would love to get in touch with either one of them. If anyone has a phone number or email address could you please send it to me via PM. Or if you prefer I could send you my email address to give to them.

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Sounds like the bar I went in a couple of years ago - the wife was from Prasat, Surin. Bob's Bar I think.


Yes JIp99, he is English/Australian too if I remember correctly, and his partner is Thai.

They are still there, running a bar and an ice-cream shop by all accounts.

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