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Parent not notified when student taken to hospital after injury during school hours.

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My grand daughter fell hard while playing at school during school hours. There was a large amount of swelling and tenderness in her wrist. So much so she was transported to the hospital. Did any of the superior staff bother to call her Parents? Oh hell no...it turned out ok as X rays show no breaks...The school staff when asked just gave an arrogant "well she is Ok so no problem"....bulls balls. The on site staff are in no way competent to make that call. Parents should have been notified Immediately! Her family only heard because kids who saw what happined to word to her cousin who called family...

Am I Qualified? 33 years in Pre Hospital, ICU, Surgery, and clinical settings. Am now retired. Adding insult to injury, she was not even given a elastic bandage to keep swelling down......grrrr

Not sure who to file a complaint with...not that that would do anything but be cathstic

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Would it be best to thank them for taking your grand daughter to the ER immediately and then kindly request that they contact the parents immediately if something like this ever happens again?

Plus, I don't think its the schools fault the wrist was not bandaged--its the hospital, right?

Given your past work history, you are obviously a calm head in a crisis, sometimes its harder to be so when its a loved one, but its still the calm head that prevails. Does filing an official complaint help or hurt your g-daughters future at that school? My initial thought is it would not help to have an adversarial relationship with her school teachers and administrators. I am only asking.


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