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Applying for 3 month Non-B - Work Permit only valid for 2 months

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My current 3 month Non-B visa runs out in 2 weeks. I have been told by my company that I cannot extend my Non-B visa, and will have to go to Penang to get another 3 month Non-B Visa.

Last time I went to Penang, I took a letter from the Labor Office with me to confirm that I had a job - this time I'm assuming that my Work Permit should cover this.

One problem - my work permit expires in 2.5 months.

Will Penang give me another 3 month Non-B if I only have 2 months left on my work permit? Or is this likely to be a problem?


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As long as you have a valid work permit the length of it's validity will not matter for getting a single entry. Your work permit will replace the letter of approval for the work permit application you had the last time.

All the other documents required will be the same.

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