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Would someone like to recommend a shop that sells quality essential oils?


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When I'm out and about and I see a shop selling essential oils, I usually go in and try some, hoping to find a rare gem. Most of the time I'm disappointed by the quality. I don't mind if its expensive, but obviously I'd prefer to find a shop that sells good quality at reasonable (I.E.non-tourist ) prices. Thanks in advance.

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Interested to know how you can define the quality?

the most reputable here are Herb Basics and Spana, though at around 200-300bt for a 100ml bottle they are not all pure for sure, they would be 5 times that price.

the common stuff like orange will be pure but lavender for example would normally be imported from the likes of France.

the chemical ones however, that I allude to are excellent and perfect for general use, as room scents but whether you want to try them direct to your skin, I certainly would not.

go try at the 2 I mention, see if you can get some idea where they come from because both companies re label all their products to disguise the origins.

if you want great room essentials i can tell you the places for the chemical copies that are seriously good.

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I have no formal training. Trying and mixing different scents is a hobby, and over the years I've developed a knack for it.

I've tried some of the ones at Spana and I would rate those as average. I'm looking for something better than that.

Sometimes I find that certain brands will have one scent which is really good but the rest not. For example here in Thailand it's really easy to find a good lemongrass, which is hardly surprising.

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What, pray tell, is an essential oil ?! For what ?! Face? Salad? Pecker?

I think it means a distillation from the source material.

For instance, turpentine is distilled from pinewood and its resin and is called an essential oil.

That's how I understand it anyway, but there may be other definitions.

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