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What would constitute too many tourist visa entries?

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I'm asking about a Filipino citizen friend of mine who is official resident in Hong Kong and wants to come to Thailand for several extended visits. I have my visa in Thailand well sorted out so that is not a problem. Basically we would like to live in the same places but she is resident in Hong Kong and I am in Thailand, among other places. She first came here for holidays for about 3 weeks in April this year. She then came back on a 60 day tourist visa (issued in Hong Kong) in late September 2014 and then extended for another 30 days pushing it back to late December. Our plan is to go back to Hong Kong around 7 December and return to Thailand around 5 January. We would like to stay in Thailand until around 29 March, so less than 90 days. Should she go for another 60 day visa from the Thai embassy in Hong Kong and then extend 30 more once again once in Thailand? Would there be any problems in doing that as she has already done it once in the previous months? Then we'd go away from Thailand for about 3-4 weeks and return again in late April for about 6 weeks until we go away for about 3-4 months. So can she get a 3rd 60 day visa from the Thai consulate in Hong Kong? Is there a limit on how many times this can be done? And, then, after the 3-4 months away, coming back to September of 2015, we'll likely look to repeat the same process all over again. In sum, she would spend about 6-7 months in Thailand and the rest away and each visit would never be more than 90 days and each could, if needed, be preceded by a visit to the Thai consulate in HK to get the requisite 60 day tourist visa, if allowed. What are best options here? I've looked into student visas for her but that seems like a complete waste of money for her especially with all the ins and outs she would be doing. And then there is the elite visa, but that seems like a waste of money and a little too long of a commitment to be made at this time. Thanks for the help.

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As long she has a visa it is not a problem for her to come and stay for the allowed time. There is no limit to the number of tourist visa one can be issued.

She can be occasionally questioned at the airport, but only people suspected of working illegally can have a problem. To be on the safe side she should carry Bt 20,000 or equivalent in cash (even if that is a rarely enforced regulation) and be very clear and firm in explaining that the two of you have all the means to maintain yourself easily in Thailand.

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thanks. is there ever a problem with getting the visas themselves issued from the thai consulates abroad, in this case hong kong, for hong kong residents?

I don't see a problem unless they have some unpublished policy that has never been reported here.

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