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Emergency Numbers - CM


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I'm not asking for specific numbers (other than the police number) but here are my two questions:

(1) For ambulance need, I understand that what you do here is call the closest hospital's ambulance service. Is that correct?

(2) If you need a cop (witnessing an assault, bank robbery, or whatever), who and what number do you call? I've heard others say just call the Tourist Police but I'm not so sure that's the best or most efficient (speed-wise) thing to do.

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As you have suggested, contact the hospital nearest you or where you prefer to go and call their administrative number to learn about emergency service, but the severity of the problem might indicate going to another hospital. Also consider time of day and traffic. Some emergency crews are better-trained than others. Others should have some experience to report.

Regarding the police, if difficulties speaking Thai, it is probably quicker to contact the Tourist Police first and they will liaise.

I know you did not ask for numbers, but if some people want a quick list I think that various tourist brochures (Does Citylife do one?) have numbers. You can cross check.

Here are a few numbers that could be helpful. You might wish to test them. I haven't lately.

Emergency Electricity 053241226,053241816

Emergency Fire 199

Emergency National Ambulance 1669

Emergency Police 191

Emergency Traffic Accident 1193

Emergency Sriphat-Maharaj 053946623, 053946624, 053946234 (Most experienced and best-staffed trauma center in Chiang Mai along with Nakorn Ping, most likely)

Emergency CM Ram Hospital 053895001, 053894260

Emergency Tourist Police 1155

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