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Pay Pal account compromised

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I woke up this morning to a number of emails from Pay Pal regarding my account, it seems a number of changes had been made a little before 01.00 this morning Thai time.

My main email address had been changed on an unknown gmx.com account.

My linked Amex card had been removed

A deposit of 500 Baht from an unknown Thai name had been made, and then cancelled.

A tried to access my account to undo the changes but of course without the new password I couldn't.

I contacted Pay Pal in Malaysia, via their Singapore number, and spent about half an hour on the phone getting back into the account, have to say the lady I dealt with was helpful and very patient. I didn't follow any links and Googled the Pay Pal helpline number.

I have no idea what this person who accessed my account was trying to achieve, I thought they maybe trying to access my card but no attempts had been made.

Can anybody advise what they might have been trying to do?

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