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Silent unhungry mosquitoes, or am I losing my hearing and my mind?


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I've got mosquitoes in my house.

I'm sure of it.

In the evening, I see them flying around, sometimes attracted to the heat of the TV or the computer screen.

Everytime I see one, I go into defcon 3 mode.

I've killed a few of them, so I know they really are mosquitoes.

I'm pretty sure I've got at least five hiding in my house right now.

The weird thing is that I never seem to hear them buzzing around my ears, and I never seem to get bitten.

I never hear them buzzing around my head when I'm falling asleep, and I never notice any mosquito bite marks on me .

What do you make of this readers?

Do you think I'm losing my hearing or possibly my mind?

Has anyone heard anything about a new species of mosquito which is silent and doesn't leave bite marks?

Do mosquitos find certain people unappetizing?

Should I be concerned, or should I just count my blessings?

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I know what you mean mate, I really do, I get bitten by things that are not even flying around if that makes sense.

Get yourself an electric tennis bat and have some fun, but I completely hear you, I go mental and make sure all mozzies are out of the room before I sleep yet I still get bit by something, maybe sneaky ants? who knows but I understand your point.

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Thai mozzies don't seem to bite me as much as Aussies ones do. Perhaps it is the different food I eat in Thailand.

When they do bite me it is nearly always on the feet, which itches like heck.

The best and cheapest way to stop mozzie bites is to make a brew of 50% Dettol and 50% baby oil, mix it well and apply to the skin.

Do not put on the face as it will sting, but on the feet, legs and arms is ok. Works a treat, lasts for ages and is much, much cheaper than conventional mozzie repellants.

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You know that only female mozzies suck blood , you just might have a gang of males partying.

Kind of like TVF, except some of you guys are real blood suckers and leave wounds which never heal. laugh.png

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