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Mixed results in Phuket's Seven Days of Danger


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Mixed results in Phuket's Seven Days of Danger
Tanyaluk Sakoot

Mixed results. Phuket News graphic

PHUKET: -- The report card for the island during the annual Seven Days of Danger is mixed.

Although there were fewer deaths this year – just two compared with five in the same period a year ago, there were more accidents and more people injured.

The final figures were issued this morning. Between December 30 and January 5 there were 44 accidents involving people being injured badly enough to be hospitalised, with 45 people hurt.

In the same period last year there were 28 crashes with 33 people hospitalised.

The two people who died this year were both women. Tantima Thaworn died on New Year's Day of injuries she received in a crash on the first of the Seven Days, and Anoma Muang Panit died on New Year's Eve when the bike she was on was in collision with a Mercedes Benz car.

Source: http://www.thephuketnews.com/mixed-results-in-phukets-seven-days-of-danger-50435.php

-- Phuket News 2015-01-06

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