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My investing theory(sex is everything)

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Lets get to the point, we guys usually value sex above everything. I've seen that in countries where white man get laid easier, the investment you make in that country generates more solid returns.

Getting sex for a old white fat man is getting harder in Thailand day by day because of the improving economy, and adding insult to the injury the performance of the thai baht against western currencies have dramatically lowered the purchashing power of the farang here.

In the western world its very hard if not impossible for a fat ugly bloke to get laid or marry a decent looking girl unless he is very very rich. But in 3rd world countries this is possible because the $/GBP in the farangs pocket has very good purchashing power so when a middle class bloke travels to the 3rd world, he leads a decent upper class lifestye there thus being able to marry a decent looking isaan/villager girl.

When the white man comes to that country to get married, laid etc, prices of everything jump, from property to hotel prices. So I'm sure someone who bought a property here, or invested in the SET 10-20 years ago probably made great returns.

So coming to my main question, life and getting laid for the white man is getting harder and harder every year, which country will the fat white man go next? Which is the next Thailand? If someone knows the answer to this question and invests in that country accordingly, he will make a small fortune in the next 10 years.I say its Cambodia.Ghana is also a good alternative.

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