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New Cambodia bridge across Mekong


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I read an article in the Bangkok post that said: "The suspension bridge, constructed at a cost of 119.4 million yen (32.3 million baht),..". I am not rich but 32 million baht is only 1 million USD and I can come up with that. Cheap labor aside, I can't believe a structure of this size only cost 1 millions USD. Methinks some numbers got mixed up in the translation.


Edit: Link to Bangkok Post removed

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Wow! The Neak Leoung bridge is now complete and so journeys from Ho Chi Minh to Phnom Penh and vice versa can save up to 30 minutes! Great news!

But why isn't this story in the Cambodia section as it relates to Cambodia? Please move it there...

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30 minutes??

lot more than that on holidfays

i was stuck once for over 5 hours there!!!

Well normally if you catch one of the Phnom Penh-Saigon through buses you don't have to wait more than about 5-10 minutes to get on the ferry and then you only have to add another 10 or so minutes to cross the Mekong, get off the ferry etc. so overall, shouldn't be more than 30 minutes. And believe me, I've crossed between the two cities numerous times since the first time I travelled overland to Saigon in 2010. I think buses have priority over cars, but while I've travelled between Cambodia and Vietnam quite a few times, I don't recall ever traveling during any holiday period.

I've driven from Phnom Penh to the Bavet border and back, using the ferry crossing just once, which was back in 2012 but driving a Cambodian truck. On the way back it was late so I had to wait half an hour for the next ferry, which would have been one of the last for the day as the one before it just left before I arrived.

Most people here wouldn't have had any experience driving this route themselves, not least because about the only reason to cross the bridge is to go to Ho Chi Minh and as you know full well, Vietnam has a lot of red tape when it comes to the entry of foreign registered vehicles, with Thai ones not being permitted entry except if you go on a pre-approved caravan tour. Cambodian vehicles can generally enter, but not rental vehicles, like the one I was driving.

So most of us who have been across the Mekong at Neak Leoung (and from now on, the bridge) will be crossing by bus.

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gf just back and parents are in Svay Rieng (and i have driven it a half a dozen times)

said the bridge is a mess, everyone stopping to look over an its only one lane in each direction

another year it should be ok once everyone has had their views LOL

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