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Any Farang/Western Bars In Sriracha?


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I live in Bangkok but recently started working down in Sriracha Monday to Friday.

Done a couple of recces into the main town but everywhere I look is wall to wall Japanese karaoke bars due to the large number of Japanese living and working in the area.

Does anyone know of any Farang type bars/bar beers in the area?

Many thanks.

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I live near Sri Racha.

I once went in a bar not far from Robinson. It might have been called Country something. Can't remember. I had 3 small beers. The old behind the counter padded my bill and charged me for 5. Fortunately spotted it.

Plenty of decent restaurants though. However if it has any Japanese writing on the menu, expect a 50% price hike over what you might normally expect to pay (particularly seafood).

Quite honestly, you are better going to 7-11 and having a can watching the sun go down from Koh Loi or the fitness park.

Failing that, head to Pattaya, you are there in 25 minutes.

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Should you fail to heed the advice provided you, in Post #5, then whats the issue about wall-to wall Japanese? Those Japanese, like yourself, are also farangs.

The majority of those Japanese expats, really do speak the English language. In addition, I'd feel considerably safer in a predominately Japaneses karaoke bar, than with a bunch of drunken Thais,

or even western expats. Si Racha is the Japanese expat realm.

The Japanese are considerably more friendly than most Thais, or other Westerners tend to be Why not try loosening-up a bit and get yourself into that realm. Who knows? You just might get a new perspective on life,

and/or make some new, very different, and interesting friends, for a change! Eh? Try it. You just might like it. coffee1.gif

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