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Travel agent for Thai TV


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If you are in Phnom Penh, usually there are agents hanging around outside the Embassy.

But there is a limit to what they can do, if prior visa refusals are stamped into your passport.

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Actually it is not that bad, but PP embassy is known to be very 'mercurial',unpredictable

I only got single PP TV a year ago

and one DETV from Laos,which maybe mistakingly was stamped with the blue next time proof of funds...

Only thought I play it safe by picking the right agent.

I don't think I wanna deal with the guys hovering around the embassy

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This is a good question..

If many previous stamps and visas best to choose a agent who knows what they doing..

About year ago i used some random travel agent by the river to get tourist visa..

Well no luck, i was told to go to embassy by myself because of my many stamps and ( but not back to back) visas..

I did not bother and i just came to Thailand with 30 day stamp only..

When the travel agent gave my passport back i also saw the form what they used for application to get visa..

In form there were many things they had just invented but not bothered to ask me,,like i was working in thailand etc..

Obviously they did not know how to take this procedure properly,,

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