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tour guide for Siem Reap


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I am planning a trip to Siem Reap next month and am looking for a good private tour guide. I have been before but we didn't have a guide then and I would like to use one this time around to get a bit more history, facts, Etc.

Any suggestions?

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I used a Govt guide last time. It makes a lot difference......Had a girl who really knew her stuff. Also.....maybe you know this, but I like to get there very early and head all the way in and work towards the front. In doing this I have zillions of shots with nobody in the background. I also always went off season so maybe doesnt matter.

First time I went there were still mines in the area.

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Mr. Chantana Riel, the country's best!

How do i contact him? What makes him the country's best?

Use Google to get his Facebook page.

Often hired by the Cambodian government to give tours to celebrities such as Angela Jolie, visiting government dignitaries, etc.

I have the testimonials of over 30 Cambodian guides on my website that he is #1. Meaningful reference, especially when it comes from the competition.

I have traveled the world for 40 years, but have never had a guide this good: historical knowledge, passion for history/architecture, ecological awareness*, great sense of humor, fluent in four languages, and totally empathetic with his clients.

He is in such demand, good luck if you can book him. I was lucky, because my university had booked him way in advance to lead our tour group of university professors for four days in Siem Reap. Everyone was totally taken aback by this man's extraordinary knowledge and tour-guide talents.

*Every where we went, Mr. Riel paid beggar children out of his own pocket to pick up trash along the trails and among the monuments. We left every area better than when we arrived.

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