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Internet in Phnom Penh?


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Hi there,

I wanted to start a dedicated thread here to the speed and quality of internet connection in Phnom Penh,I do love Cambodia and have wanted to spend a year or two there for many years but work online,so the lack of decent internet had always ruled it out unfortunately.Now according to Sheryl on here,who's post I tried to answer for two weeks or so then gave up as the quote system seems woeful on the servers here so sorry for that Sheryl,stated that the internet is now of a decent quality in Phnom Penh.
So any heads ups on ISPs in PP would be great,I found this while trawling property rental websites and it looks legit,could anyone shed any more light here's the promised,advertised deal with Sing Meng and fibre optic no less :

USD $19.99 8mb plus oneTV USD $16.99

USD $26.99 10mb plus oneTV USD $25.99

USD $31.99 12mb plus oneTV USD $31.99


Any ideas on stability?Although as fibre optic that should be a given and are these speeds possible in PP,I don't see why they shouldn't be but obviously I will bow to those with superior knowledge on here and on site?Any thoughts also on oneTV package any good?
If anyone could provide more links to different ISPs in PP and with reviews that would be fantastic,thanks in advance. wai2.gif

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Internet in PP has been good for a while - however it's not reliable, with all providers regularly failing to deliver and the cheap Chinese routers they supply catching fire on a regular basis. The good news is 4G works well in PP and you can use it as a back up - particularly useful in times of power cuts too. Never heard of Sing Meng; Cambodia's unregulated telecoms market leaves dozens of brands and dozens of providers all over the shop. The most reliable when I was there was Metfone for broadband and Cellcard for 3G/4G services.

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I had Opennet broadband when I lived in Phnom Penh, there were never any problems with it, the speed was great. Can't remember but it was something like 8 Gbps for 12 or 16 dollars,

it was cheaper and better than any of the phone plans, which were limited to 10 Gigabytes per month. Since I used 300-600 gigabytes per month there was no way I could've dealt with that limit.

The catch is you have to get Opennet to physically connect it for you if it's not in your apartment building already.

First they said they'll connect it then they changed their mind and said they don't want to, so I complained to the manager and he said he'll have it connected if I pay 6 months in advance. So I did that.

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